Support a Cause

If a lonely crusader could win battle, world would have been a different place by now. A single entity can not turn the tables in favour of empowered development. More ideas, concepts and resources are vital to challenge the conventionalism. We invite you all for your contributions.

Sponsorships and Donations: Though we would prefer your active support but matter (finances) has an essential dimension too. We have diversity of programmes and activities to pledge for if you chose so..

How do we proceed: A set of programmes has been devised to achieve the broader objective. Towards this end several activities have been conceived and are being actively pursued. The level and reach of the activities are governed by the finances at the command of a particular activity.

We shall be generating resources ourselves too, through our various production and service activities. But, the task is enormous and resources required are of mammoth proportions to reach wider and larger under privileged strata.

How you may get involved: By adopting something of your choice. You may adopt and activity or part of it. You may even sponsor and entire programme if your yearnings to make this place better for one and all, are so strong and supported by your financial abilities.

You may have your own ideas for implementation: You very well may have that. We may find ourselves aligned to your ideas of taking thing ahead by partnering with you. This may usher in a new association towards fulfilling our combined goals of empowering societies with development and sustainability.

Acknowledgement for the support: Your support shall go duly acknowledged in innovative ways. Each one of us is an equal partner in this task. So, why not to extend the credit to each and every one who shouldered this task? Ahead lies a sense of great fulfilment and the contentment of having translated the once mere concept to the advantage of our fellow disadvantaged societies and human beings.

Contact Us for extending your support for a cause close to your heart.