Science Technology and Development Initiative (STAD)

Science Technology and Development Initiative (STAD) is a not for profit non governmental organisation registered in India. It aims at translating fruits of science and technology to the advantage of society; follows scientific, modern and rational approach in its endeavours; and strives for equitable and sustainable development.

The Clarion Call

A premise for 'sustainable coexistence'

Science and scientific attitude are the virtues that can provide solution to ills prevalent in the societies traditionally. Rationality and reason can make this world a beautiful place not just for us, but also for the entire diversity on this planet. Imbibing sustainability in our thoughts and actions may be necessary for the sustenance of us all together; the ecology and environment, the planet, the humanity and at the same time making this planet a beautiful place for everyone, in the North or the South; in cities or rural heartlands; in developed or developing world.

Still Ahead

There is a lot brewing in the pan…..

Creative Workshop

The creative urge is driven by passion for originality and excellence. Creativity is not allowed to take back seat while you yearn for meaningfulness. Socially relevant and educative films pose that challenge that you always crave for. It is not just for the sake of contribution but for fulfilment of a purpose. A community radio may be another expression to the creativity.                    Click for Details

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

You need not be extraordinarily trained to be an innovator. Entrepreneurship does not demand amazing skills either. Eagerness to do different and some basic training and resource management are to qualities good enough. We have had attempted with rural youths and have gained lot of encouragement. We shall take this activity forward to help communities derive real benefit.                  Click for Details

Marching Together

There are many more to march along, so why to walk alone? The number of steps we can walk together may vary, but surely, the cause gets a boost. The efforts get strengthened and faster we approach towards answers to the problems discomforting us. STAD invites your participation in these endeavours by any of the following means:

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Pledge Support

If a lonely crusader could win battle, world would have been a different place by now. No single entity can turn the tables in favour of empowered development. More ideas, concepts and resources are vital to challenge the conventionalism. We invite you all for your contributions...

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