Creativity in social respect

A society is reflected by its values, systems and adherence so principles. Values dictate everything that a society does for itself. This includes evolving a system. A society's inability in developing good system is a commentary on its goodness. A system translates society's entire philosophy into itself; it is the best remark on its principles of equity justice. A society's overall adherence to both of these measures its success or failure in retention of its values and principles.

STAD shall be working for a rational equitable and value based society which is the basic ingredients in its systems and followings. In these respects creativity means inculcating value based society and evolving systems conducive to it. For us creativity means development that takes everyone along with it irrespective of any barrier of knowledge and ignorance.

Youths in development

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Counselling mantra

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Biosafety and Mass Media

With the technology that can modify the genetic structure of nature and its implications on food chain, now the scientists and learned members of society need to be watchful on what is happening on this front. This booklet is the outcome of programmes carried out by STAD with Ministry of Environment and Forests. The booklet details the technology and issues resulting of the new modern area of genetically modified organisms (GMO).

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