Agro Processing: A Tool for Socio-economic Development

India's rural hinterland is home to over 70 percent of her population where farm cultivation has major occupational influence. Processing of farm produce can translate their efforts into wealth for them. STAD shall be working for promotion of processing units in rural areas which involves identifying the technology, size, capital generation, entrepreneurship, etc. It shall be integrated model encompassing everything from growing to marketing. This is all to benefit the masses, especially youth and women in rural areas and help them acquiring dependable infrastructure for their needs. STAD has triggered surveys and studies in this direction. (Click for Details)

Rural Children Science Library

Educational efforts must be substantiated with supplementary resources. Rural India is poor on this front. Library is a critical infrastructure for education to percolate in the practises and actions. STAD has established its first rural children science library in Beena a remote village in Uttarakhand hills. It is being augmented to act as a tool for social change surrounded by activities covering a vast range of rural living.

Science Communication

Communicating science and technology to masses is of paramount importance while aiming at a society based on science and technology. Rationality and reasoning is very important for modern societies and STAD has therefore committed itself towards this goal. Towards this end STAD has been engaged in various activities in the realm of science communication.

Science Media Workshops

The stakeholders in science and technology it is imperative that scientific information is dispersed correctly, in right sense and connotations. STAD has been organising events meant for sensitising journalists and communicators with scientific issues. These workshops pave way for intense discussions with scientists and developing in depth understanding of the subject so that balanced coverage in media is possible. Resource material generated on the subject is another outcome of these efforts.


“Alcohol destroys body and soul”, Gandhi ji had said. This social ill is confronted in a unique manner in the areas of action of STAD. In village Beena in Uttarakhand, it has initiated a voluntary inhibition programme. Its uniqueness is based in the community adoption of the self imposed ban on alcohol consumption for youths having school going children. The community helps them with this resolve.

Technical & Vocational Education

The youths left back in rural areas are cut off from the developmental process. They are unemployed or school dropouts who could not enter a profession for want of skills. STAD sees future for them in skills acquisition. This will empower rural communities through employment and economic well being. STAD along with partner organisations shall be embarking upon creating skill imparting infrastructure very soon.

Services and Resource Generation

The expertise acquired by STAD is used for resource generation. This is achieved by undertaking assignments under the framework of services and consultancies. Resource generation is essential for sustainability of several self initiated activities of the organisation.