About Us

We appreciate the yearning for achieving aims innovatively while not losing track of experience and accumulated knowledge.

Science and Technology has transformed the planet into a global village and human beings have acquired authority up to a certain extent over the trials and tribulations of physical and spatial world.

While in India, we appreciate efforts to bridge the gaps and to reach all those not reached by the influences of modern development. Education, health, employment and nutrition are concerns for our people, a lot more needs to be done to reach underprivileged and they are huge in numbers.

Science Technology and Development Initiative (STAD) aims at contributing its might to the advancement of our people. At the root lies constant learning and understanding of the problems in perspective. We have potent faith in science and technology and its capability in solving problems of people. We want to achieve answers for developmental needs of our sections of society left untouched by to growth stories of modern times.

Empowerment is the key. Empower them with basic education and vocational skills. Add the vigour of science and technology to their cultivation practices. Enhance the value of agricultural produce by scientific processing and marketing avenues. Employment is fine but entrepreneurship skills and urge for innovation can turn rural hinterlands into wealth creating regions. Do not govern but facilitate them. Unshackle the system from chain of corruption and inefficiencies; transparency has a big cleansing effect on the system. Do not divide them on pretext of politics and class; aware and informed decision making ability will weed out the evils. Put citizen friendly systems in place which can transform the country potentially faster than expected.

Science Technology and Development Initiative (STAD) is a not for profit non governmental organisation registered in India. STAD is a developmental organisation that aims to translate the fruits of scientific and technological advancement into societal development. STAD is dynamic in approach and shall be encompassing activities and programmes as it marches forward, gains expertise and experience and organises resources through production, processing and other innovative means.